Hot Air Gun

A heat gun or hot air gun is a device used to emit a stream of hot air, usually at temperatures between 100°C and 550°C (200-1000°F). Hot air guns are perfectly suited to thawing, drying, speeding-up the drying process of glued connections, shaping, and dust-free removal of paint.

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hot air gun

Hot Air Gun Categories

  • Hot Air Gun

    Hot air guns are handheld rework tools usually have the form of a handgun with an elongated body pointing at what is to be heated through emitting of hot air. Cool and hot air switching, temperature adjustment, air volume settings, power on and off, nozzles change, air temperature and volume display, all these functions are to be included in the handheld set. Although a hot air gun with so many self-contained parts and components, it is usually is a compact design and portable enough to carry around.

  • Hot Air Station

    A hot air rework station however has a station unit separate from the hot air gun with most settings and controlling to be implemented through the station other than the hot air gun. The separate design of hot air gun and station makes the rework tool bulky compared to a self-contained hot air gun, but this can greatly reduce the weight and space of the hot air gun, thus make it much easier to be held for long time use.

  • Hot Air Rework Combo

    A hot air rework combo station is a combination of soldering and hot air stations. With a hot air rework/soldering station combo, you have both hot air gun and soldering iron for rework and soldering uses

Hot Air Gun Features

  • The continuously variable temperature control is suited to all kinds of rework of DIP, BGA and SMT electronic components.

  • Variable air volume control feature enables the supply of the required quantity of cool or hot air. A hot air gun that can regulate air volume and temperature has a wide application of different materials and different specifications.

  • Digitally controlled hot air guns display air temperature and volume in a LED display for easier readouts.

  • Various nozzles with different shapes and sizes are suitable for various applications.

  • Other useful features and advantages of a good hot air gun including ergonomic design, closed handle, non-slip softgrip surface for convenient and safe working, automatic shutdown and sleep and so on.

Hot Air Gun Applications

Hot air guns and stations have very wide range of uses: melt tin, defrost, remove paint, shrink tube heating, the experiment container’s dry cleaning, liquid transfer thermal, catalytic adhesives, shrink, soften plastics, carpet and sew, etc.

  • Removing paint, wallpaper, moisture, wrinkles, fungus
  • Loosening floor tiles
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Loosen rusted bolts and nuts
  • Defrosting freezers, frozen water
  • Shaping plastic piping, shoes sole, orthotic & prosthetic devices
  • Bumper repair and thermoplastic welding
  • Fixing and removing edge bands from wooden furniture
  • Heat shrinking PVC films and sleeve
  • Copper Pipes Soldering
  • Drying paint, adhesives, spark plugs
  • Melting and softening hard pitch gold compound and jewellery

Hot Air Rework

Hot air gun, hot air station, hot air rework combo.

hot air gun

Budget digital hot air gun model A822Dwith adjustable hot air temperatur and air flow.

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hot air gun station

Digital hot air station, consists of hot air gun and main controller, with dual LED displays.

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hot air gun combo

Hot air combom model At8586, a combination of soldering iron and heat gun.

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